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        Car audio installation techniques

            To install as your car stereo is not a simple matter. Experts say: "three points equipment seven subpackage".           That is to say technician for automobile circuit and audio circuit to be very understanding, can't install sound and influence the performance of the car, also cannot leave the safety hidden trouble.
            Very city car audio chain mechanism of technicians have been foreign experts strict training and obtained the qualification certificates, they to install as your car stereo provide consumers with the following Suggestions:
            1. Equipment collocation style to unity.
            Car audio can be roughly divided into two schools: quality type, namely to classical music, symphony is given priority to, Energizer type, in order to pop music, rock music is given priority to. Host, amplifiers and horn should be in the same style configuration. Such as France jin sea (Focal) horn and Italy odie minister (Audison) match the power amplifier.
            2. Choose wire must pay attention to the barrier. Wire into signal lines, power lines and horn line. Had better be to choose high conductivity and the leather bag is PVC, PE, PP etc material wire.
            3. Usage gold-plated insurance holder can prevent short circuit.
            4. Positioning debugging, make it play potential. Some sound in the modified radio the result is bad, sound field dislocation, phase error will be in the audition process correction.

            [source: shenzhen news network - shenzhen commercial daily 】

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