Technical support
        How to achieve the stereo system best effect
            Want to improve the stereo system quality? The first source laid hands on him.
            Tape machine frequency response narrow, noise big, didn't have to consider. Someone in the original car audio system equipped with a CD drive, think that can improve the sound quality, is no reason. For a car fukang (quotation; picture) car modification, for example, the owner in the original car audio system equipped with six dish CD driver, the rear to add a pair of 6 ×9 inches of speaker and active subwoofer.
            Although source upgrade for CD, but quality is not improved. Use or tape machine playback system, CD signal is still from radio FM band.
            Receiving get, sound quality will have loss, frequency response is limited, and there will be noise interference, CD advantage not play, sound no level and lucid sense.
            From this example can see, improve the sound quality is the overall project. In establishing a sound system, each equipment collocation should maintain consistent style, otherwise may cause appearance, function, use, index of not harmonious.
            To CD, MD don't VCD, MP3
             If for the play, the host or choose CD, MD or DVD.
            Sound quality of the VCD is poorer, had better not use; MP3 belongs to the compressed format, although increased quality processing circuit, but quality is not CD; DVD quality close to CD, but overall comparison, is not CD; MD quality with CD differ not quite, but sound somewhat hard.
            "Flavor", don't equalizer
            Host should choose the signal without any modification model, namely said "authentic". A modified signal, the waveform distortion, so play out of the music is not ideal.
            "Authentic" host had better not graphic equalizer, field effect (such as: theater, square, studio, etc.). The effect of field by modifying, the original signal can produce change, lost original sound quality.
            To 24 bit don't 1 bit
            Choice model to see frequency response index, without any additional modify the function of sound quality.          Audio shop sales of CDS label bit 20 and 24 bit. 20 and 24 bit bit high resolving power to make music fully show. Ordinary sound more for 1 bit, "sound much high bit. Only in such a machine to play, just can show its delicate degree.
            To high power don't distortion
            If host direct drive a speaker, should choose output high. Now host output power is in commonly 4 x 50 w, mainly is to reduce the distortion.
            If host lead output, should choose output level high, the purpose is to improve the signal-to-noise ratio, output level is in commonly 2 v, had better choose 4 v output. By the way, CD record should choose quality goods, with the disk with "DDD" best, this CD records made sound good.
            Want to consider upgrade convenient don't pursue cheap
            Don't try so hard too much function, as long as the function of the equipment to meet the basic requirements can; But don't pursue cheap, miss you have basic functions.
            Equipment of input and output port to think ahead, walkman, game, handheld DVD, computer, speaker phone etc can all through the default port input; Output port also want to consider left, right, before and after, bass, in order to avoid future upgrade use not convenient.

           【source: sohu automobile community】


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