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        How to choose and buy car stereo
                                                                            How to choose and buy car stereo

            All say "set the saddle on the right horse", seem to high-grade car to assembly high-end audio, that was not the case. Assembly what kind of sound is completely according to the owner's economic strength and sound appreciation level to set. There is a autoart (quotation; picture) owner is mounting a set of more than 20000 yuan of sound, the car backing car put are two big subwoofer, can not put any other items, but he said that he really realized perfect music fun.
        However, for the average for the owner, the proposal presses prices 10% to 20% of the configuration of car audio. Optional should overall consideration: source, horn, power amplifier and so on various aspects quality should be in the same class on.
          Host primary modified car is the host with CD, VCD, DVD, MP3, etc.; In host not many technology can, just see the product quality and the owner's personal preference. At present on the shijiazhuang city in Germany sapphire, the United States, Japan AErPa rifle, song music, SONY, kenwood, etc host for the mainstream products, single disk drive the price is in 1000-2000 yuan, set of machine the price is in commonly 3000 yuan of above.
           The original factory horn due to cost reason, general power is lesser, faced with strong pressure, large dynamic music, often distortion, affects the music appreciation. Choose a suitable for your music appreciation habits and grade of high quality horn, car audio modification is the key step. Horn in tone performance is divided into the European style, the style and Japanese style.
        Car horn is divided into: suit horn, coaxial horn and bass speaker. Coaxial horn is characteristic of low cost, it was easier to drive, whether sound phase positioning, or tone are not too such as the intention, but the price is cheaper, for the majority of consumers to accept. If you are interested in to your car audio modified to close the shop to have a look.
           Power amplifier is a good sound indispensable composition. Host with the amplifiers are often not very true to amplify sound current, so want to have a good music feeling must be equipped with power amplifier. Generally speaking, of the power amplifier power than horn of power.
        Germany and the United States products in the field of power amplifier of leading role, such as "blue", "live" and other brands.
           In the whole car audio system design and production process equipment just semi-finished products, installation is its next process. Aside from the focus on high quality wire outside, relevant wire accessories, after-sales services are all very important. So choose regular car audio business shop by professional technician installation can give full play to the effect of sound.

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