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        Car audio - autumn sound notice moistureproof prevent bask in
            Professional personage to tell a reporter, sound fault generally divided into two categories: one is for caused by misuse, another kind is the reason from the weather. Now most new car is equipped with a CD equipment, late summer or early autumn affect the normal work of the car audio factors is high temperature and humidity. Because car audio many installed in the top of the instrument panel, in order to avoid the sun radiation, the use of visor effect is good.
            If the door sealing strip is lax should be replaced, or speaker easy corrosion and damage, even cause short circuit burned host. If it is modified CD driver, in order to avoid moisture, do not install in floor and under your seat, best installed in the high places of the body, but do not install in the windshield place, higher temperature can make electronic components and laser head accelerated aging.
            In addition, the summer and fall into many car owners to leading activity, at this time should be most concerned about is dust. CD machine is the most important laser head of maintenance, laser head is also the most expensive vulnerable parts, although car audio in the design process has been considered the dust problem, but as a result of domestic road conditions are not too good, dust problem appears especially important. In the traffic environment is bad, should be close the window; At ordinary times should also pay attention to keep the car clean.
            [source: Beijing business newspaper 】

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