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        Economy car audio modification into hot growing concern

            Economy car increasingly into people's family, it can be said that over the past few years the development of auto industry driven the entire automotive industry chain of development, and car audio also becomes the people to buy a car after the replacement is the most frequent a project. How to choose a suitable economy car in the car audio has become pay more attention to the problem.
            Now the place on market sales accounted for absolute quantity is economy car, and generally is a private car is given priority to, so open economy car crowd to the car is quite mind, from buying a car in the market will begin on a lot of contrast, including appearance, fuel consumption, function, etc. So on the use of the car in the process is the same, no matter from maintenance and modification, etc., all want to give car choose a more perfect protection and improving way.
            Price and function is the key
            In choosing sound aspects first to choose a brand of car audio. Someone may say, in fact brand not brand no difference, the key is the price and the function. Personally, I don't agree with this point of view. What is brand? Brand contains many content, may also think brand represents strength and commitment. Famous brand enterprise has its own research and development, it represents the enterprise constantly innovation, even in the market of bad circumstances don't blindly follow suit, but plays the role of the industry leader, to the whole industry plays a promoting effect, it can guarantee the enterprise is not as transient as a fleeting cloud, at least as consumers is ensured. Consumer is buying the brand product, natural will enjoy the brand brought about by the after sales and other additional services.
            As is known to all, the current domestic car audio brand, divided into two big system, a Japanese system is also now everybody in the concept of the preferred products; One is the domestic products. Day system main representative brand have SONY, kenwood, AErPa, pioneer, and domestic main representative brand has song rhyme, fly rhyme, huayang, supersound. Here is mainly economy car applicable sound brand, for example, of course, professional audio modification is involved more foreign brands (including Europe and the United               States and other countries). For now, a brand of car audio the lowest price also is in 600 yuan or so.
            The current car audio is very similar to the first few years of the color TV industry. At that time, domestic also is accounted for the mainstream, and domestic products in the initial stage, the more worthy of our attention is, at present ZhongDiDuan car audio, the vast majority of Japanese products are from domestic OEM production, that is actually in the grades of car audio, sound quality is not too big difference. Here it should be pointed out that, AErPa can be said to be the exception, because AErPa concept and other sound brand not too, is dedicated to quality, so AErPa lowest end product also need 1000 yuan, of course quality will vary, but function can say simple cannot again simple, only basic frequency modulation and CD function.
            From the product's point of view, car audio the most basic function is the frequency modulation and CDS, and then join MP3, WMA, shock, color screen, with USB interface, audio input interface and so on these functions. In general, each adding a function will be ascending part of the cost.
        Homebred brand when self-improvement
        Economy car audio choose to have the product of brand of another important reason is that after-sales service.      Homebred brand are in price than similar products, low price is the brand of a class, a very important reason is that in the after-sales service above, a lot of people are not willing to buy domestic, not because of product reasons, but because have no confidence to after-sales service, this basically is a few years ago many domestic enterprises in this industry since hit brand cause, that time many brands were springing up flocked to the market, but not a few really able to adhere to the last, it also leads to the user to buy the products once happened after the problem and no way to deal with it, direct to cause damage to the user. But in the industry          with the reshuffle, more and more domestic enterprises have put this question seriously rise, mentioned above a few domestic brand is in the present domestic brand of a few have their own perfect service system of several. Economy car choose sound can refer to three steps:
            A, choose according to individual be fond of products.
            Second, in the choice of products at the same time to choose well-known brand.
        Third, choose the suitable product function.
            Car audio modification after all need, and refitted time want to change the original car audio line, so in the modification of the time still want look refitting storefront is safe and reliable. Sometimes the same brand of the same product in different businesses the price will be sent a lot of, and sent? Nature is modification technology.     For a very simple example, refitted line need to use professional heat resistant adhesive tape winding multilayer, and refitting poor store may use ordinary tape simple winding, is like this very easy to cause the car will be in the operation of heat generation light tape, thus cause car spontaneous combustion. Here recommend you'd better to have enterprise directly the authentication authorized store modification, so that will be much more at ease.
        [source: Beijing modern business newspaper 】【author: Lan chaohui 】

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