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        The errors in the car audio option
            The errors in the car audio option
            Car audio enough is enough to listen to good, owners were not necessary to blindly pursue new requirement of high-grade, actually some manufacturers launched the new product is just in the old money on small changes, and high-grade sound perhaps with your car doesn't match. Experts remind this part of the owners, don't fall into the following three big error:
            1. a lot of people think much dish CD machine process complex, price than single dish CD machine high. In fact good quality single disk drive and a 10 disk drive price also is little difference, or even higher. And, more disk drive disc change unstable problem has been a very good solution to solve.
            2: it is generally believed that car audio host, sound box all to choose the same brand is better, in fact not, according to the host model, power to carry out the reasonable collocation. Different brands of products is also can create good to listen to the effect.
            3: high-grade car must assembly high-grade sound, this is a misunderstanding. Install sound is completely according to the owner's economic strength and music appreciation requirement to set. Not necessarily the more expensive, the better.

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