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        DVD navigation industry pattern who can break and leading the industry?
            Review of the automobile navigation market, after the traditional cassete machine to CD, DVD to host, and then to DVD navigation multifunction. Every product upgrade is a technical innovation. In the present situation, also faces the problem of upgrading of products. So who can break the current car audio market? Who can be the next generation products winner? Who can lead the industry vane?

            Car networking is the development trend
            The concept of car networking out for a long time, but has been praised by hot discussion, it is considered to be the trend of the development of automotive electronics industry. The concept of networking for car has two kinds of views, one is that refers to the use of advanced sensor technology, network technology, computing technology, control technology, intelligent technology, the road and traffic to conduct a comprehensive perception, realize people, vehicles, content, way of clear, safe and efficient operation.
            Another argument is that car networking is the thing networking specific application and performance of a through all kinds of information sensing equipment, the use of RFID, GPS, mobile and wireless network access technology and network service support technology to realize people, vehicles, roads, the environment of intelligent coordination between, so as to achieve "person, car and road - environment" harmonious and unified, achieve in the information network platform for all vehicle attribute information and static and dynamic information extraction using and provide comprehensive service.
            No matter what kind of statement, but car networking after all is just a concept, without a fixed mode and structure. Different people understanding of it is not the same. Some enterprise is still in research on this concept, trying to clear, find the pattern to develop new products; And some enterprise start first for strong development of new products, with the actual action to speak, they in the machine and mobile Internet viscous spent a lot on kung fu, rely on mature technology, to develop a more suitable for the owner driving habits, driving demand car service, really realizes the person and people, cars, car and car, 3 d interactive experience.
            These enterprises generally strength is strong, have foresight, and have enough capital and r&d ability support, such as good helper launched wing card, through bluetooth, realize the car machine and mobile phone connection. Europe is China under enough kung fu, after two years of brewing, cloud computing is introduced into the navigation industry, takes the lead in putting forward cloud navigation concept, introduced 4 g, cloud navigation products.
            4 G, cloud navigation products don't need bluetooth as a bridge, it has a powerful OWA cloud center background, the owner just click on the interface OWA cloud center service, can easily achieve positioning guard against theft, voice navigation, booking hotel, booking tickets, insurance, automobile maintenance and other services.
            Cloud computing, cloud navigation, cloud age filled with this year's Internet, where can see these words, it seems that we have been surrounded by "clouds". Cloud era has arrived
            Cloud computing technology as a commercial calculation model, in "things networking", "intelligent transportation" popularize concept, can be applied to various fields. Simply speaking, cloud is intensive mean, is also the application layer surface said end, only for operation and instructions issued, all trival processing details to a huge background to execute, again will result feedback to the terminal machine. The application of cloud, can maximum limit conservation of resources, and can also face more object.
            The China put the Cloud computing grafting to navigation products, a new "Cloud navigation" concept arises at the historic moment - Cloud navigation (Cloud navigation), refers to a business model based on Cloud computing application of navigation method, navigation equipment, navigation platform, navigation service body.
            Cloud navigation is actually one kind based on the "mobile communications and cloud platform information center" intelligent vehicle navigation, can give owners to provide more "cloud" quantity information, and pay attention to information storage and share. Compared with the traditional vehicle navigation, it has a relatively far back end, can store a lot of information, the owner can from the back end find navigation the destination of the relevant information. In this new type of navigation system, mobile communication equipment is essential, it is to realize the owner the bridge that communicates with the outside. Can say, the clouds navigation is complied with era background and accord with the product of consumer demand.
            No matter cloud navigation, or other products, we expect the industry more and more advanced, more accord with the consumer demand can move more consumer products, will eventually break the current market pattern, leading the industry into the next high speed and orderly development stage. As for who will become the next generation of winner? All these are based on the market to talk, watch r&d products can get market inspection, consumers willing to pay for it, this is the most practical, also is the enterprise must be thinking about the problem.
            Source: China car audio network


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