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        Car audio industry development the most need to solve the after-sales service
            Recently, according to the national traffic department on a car culture surveys show that: the automobile decoration and modification, leading and attend CheYouHui activity has become the most like the owner of the car culture consumption. Among them, the car audio modification with 70.8% of the high rate of mentioned at the top, and in the car audio modification of consumers have more than 90% of the people said to car audio modification is mainly in order to better enjoy music while driving, let a boring driving become more fun.
            Thus it can be seen, car audio modification concept has been gradually recognized by the owners were accepted, more and more concern from all kinds of car audio modification competition is obvious, MECA, IASCA etc are bullish on the Chinese car audio modification market, the feeling between domestic car audio modification industry in the short term presents soaraway hot momentum, but the modified heat but no, truly, the whole car audio modification market to bring more direct income, this is only limited to car audio enthusiasts, to really cut to common people's actual car life, really need a ride "crossing the river by groping the stone" exploration development way.
            Investigate its reason, mainly due to the current domestic automobile audio industry development appeared a variety of problems, such as industry profits before all kinds of negative news and immature market mechanism also let owners were to this emerging industry with suspicion. Car audio modification of industry development is also facing the "four big bottleneck" problem, but one of the most need to solve the problem is after-sales service, this aspect can say is for car audio industry whether can healthy development is one of the important factors.
            【source: Beijing modern business newspaper 】

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